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        Oliver Watson had been looking to adopt a dog for a few months. After meeting a couple of dogs he came close to keeping, Oliver found Tommy at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland and there was no question.

        After feeling an instant connection Oliver adopted him that day. Tommy was sent to Maine from the Los Angles County Animal Shelter in 2018 at 10 years old and with just 7 teeth. With such a busy schedule Oliver did not have the time to devote to training a younger dog so he decided that a senior dog may be a good fit for him.

        Just after adopting Tommy, Oliver would need to bring him back to the shelter for dental work. When Oliver picked him up afterward, he had no teeth left. After the obvious panic had faded away Oliver was able to adapt to feeding his new toothless friend. After Tommy had his teeth removed he was clearly a much happier and healthier dog. He became much more playful and his breath improved remarkably. Tommy is a very affectionate little dog towards his owner and almost anybody else who will have him.

11 years 

Adopted by Oliver Watson, April 2018

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland