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3 years 

Adopted by Larsson and Talbot family, March 2016

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland


        Tigger was adopted by Jean Talbot and Fiona  and Eric Larsson in March of 2016 after their previous dog passed away. The Larsson and Talbot  family has always adopted adult dogs from shelters with Tigger being the youngest so far.

        Their first dog as a family was a German  Shepard named Juma who was almost entirely trained when adopted. They later welcomed Pax into their home. Pax was a very sweet dog who came with many expected health problems when they brought him home. With the experience that they had managing Juma’s health problems as she got older they decided  that they could handle whatever Pax needed.

        After losing Pax The Larsson and Talbot household decided that they were ready to rescue another dog from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. They initially  considered adopting both Tigger and his brother together but eventually decided against it with the shelters recommendation to separate them. When Tigger was adopted he had some scabs on his face and a bad knee and pictures they had seen were not super reassuring. When the family met him in person they decided to take him home that day.

        After a visit with their vet they found out that he was actually even younger than the shelter assessed him to be. Tigger lacked a bit of the training that the other dogs came with. He was not very comfortable on a leash which resulted in leash aggression. Jean decided that though they did not care immensely about getting him perfectly trained, working with him would help him to be more comfortable. Jean started with training him to sit when a dog would walk by and now, about 3 years later, he has taken it upon himself to sit dog in any situation he feels is stressful.