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9 years 

Adopted by Bert Jongerden, April 2018

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland


        Bert Jongerden and Josette Barbarite have had a beagle in their home for as long as I can remember. In April of 2018 after losing their previous beagle mix, Champ, Bert and Josette were looking for another beagle to welcome into their home.

        After meeting several dogs at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland they decided on a dog that most are not willing to take on. Max is a 9-year-old beagle surrender with diabetes which for treatment requires a twice-daily routine of insulin shots and a specialized diet. At first, giving Max his shots was a struggle and Bert and Josette at times questioned their decision as much as anyone would.

        After adopting him they realized that he was bumping into things around the house where he had not been before. Max had developed cataracts, which are an opacity in the eye that depending on size and severity can seriously impair vision. Max quickly adapted to his lack of vision, using the feeling of the carpets and wood floors to navigate the house. Max has since received treatment and his vision has been restored.

        Bert and Josette shared with me that though max does come with some difficult care, he is the most affectionate and appreciative dog that they have ever adopted. And I believe that Bert put it best by saying, “Nothing beats having a dog greet you at the door, be excited when dinner is served, snooze next to you on the couch and provide conversation around what cute or bad deeds happened that day. Having a dog certainly takes your time and your disposable income – but, at the end of the day having a dog is priceless.”