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8 years 

Adopted Donna and Rudy Somma, February 2015

Almost Home Rescue


        Julia’s journey to Donna and Rudy Somma consisted of multiple owners and multiple continents. Julia was rescued in Cairo, Egypt from a man who was living on the street and first purchased Julia for breeding in hopes to make some money.

        A local veterinarian saw Julia and couldn’t help but notice the terrible sore on her leg. He convinced the man to give her to him so that she could get the proper medical attention. The vet contacted a couple who he knew as rescuers and friends. The couple decided that Julia would have a better chance in the U.S. and they began to make the arrangements to bring her over.              Nearly 6 months later Julia was finally ready to make her trip. During the flight, Julia’s leg was covered with a Pringles can and by the time she made her way to customs in Boston she was rushed through because of the terrible smell. The couple brought Julia to a vet in Topsham Maine and contacted the Almost Home Rescue hoping that they would be willing to take her on.

        Long story short, they did. Julia was placed in a foster home with the president of the shelter and her husband. Donna met Julia through the husband who is a coworker of hers and immediately fell in love with her. The vet later found that Julia’s infection was osteosarcoma and because it was not spreading they decided to amputate. She did very well in surgery and even before the surgery Donna and her family had decided to adopt Julia.

        After the paperwork and the home visit, Julia finally went home. Julia functions well on 3 legs but she still struggles sometimes. A little while ago she tore her cruciate on her right rear leg and meniscus which is the equivalent to a person tearing their ACL. She had surgery to repair it and is doing very well. Donna is still in touch with the many people who got Julia to where she is and they all care for her greatly. Julia is loved by about everyone she meets. She has learned to love the Maine weather especially the snowy months. She has also learned how to play with people, other dogs, and lots of toys.


“We are a German Shepherd family so to speak (love this breed) and believe in adopting because there are many that need homes here in the states and overseas.”