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3 years

Adopted by Felicia Griffin, June 2017

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland


        In the summer of 2016 Felicia Griffin, the Humane Educator for the ARLGP, took in a pregnant dog to foster named Trudy. In June she welcomed 4 beautiful puppies one of which being Joy. At the time, the puppies were named, Betty White (now Joy), Bob Barker, Steve Irwin, and Jane Goodall after some favorite animal activists.

        During the time that Felicia had the puppies, the ARLGP was looking for a puppy to train as a therapy dog for the shelters Humane Education program. A trainer was brought in to see which puppy was up for the job. Both Joy and her sister were found to be a good fit and they decided on Joy because of her “bully” appearance. The grant that the shelter received is called the Jumpstart Our Youth (or J.O.Y.) grant.

        Joy’s mother Trudy stayed with Felicia for a while so that she could be spayed before going up for adoption. Joy stayed with Felicia constantly learning how to behave as a therapy dog and at 1 year old she passed her therapy dog test and was adopted by Felicia.

        Joy is now almost 3 and has interacted with over 5,000 children through her work at the ARLGP. This work can be a lot for a dog so Joy is getting her much deserved break now living as a family dog with Felicia. Joy loves to spend time with her family (including the pet rabbit). Working at the shelter, adopting was never really much of a question. Felicia and her family have always adopted from shelters whether it be dogs, rabbits, or even birds.


“I always have and always will adopt my pets from shelters such as Animal Refuge League.”