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        Kate and Mark Adams found a love for the sheltie breed with their beloved dog Fergus who passed away. Rather than purchasing a puppy from a breeder, they got in touch with the Maine Sheltie Rescue (MSR), a breed specific shelter in Portland, and found Jax.

        Kate and Mark submitted an application to the rescue thinking that it would be months until a dog was available when just a week later they received an email from MSR. They decided to meet the blue merle sheltie in need of a home and after a dinner with the former owner and the president of the shelter they decided to adopt him that night. In his now third home, Jax was rather shy and while Kate and Mark were a bit worried about his demeanor, they slowly started to see him open up (especially with a visit to the nearby woods).

        Bella was welcomed into the Adam’s home a year later with the hope that she and Jax would both benefit from having a playmate. They first approached MSR as an available foster home but were faced with a dog that instead needed to be adopted. Bella was found being sold on craigslist most likely to be bred because she was not yet spayed. They first took Bella home for a 2-week trial period which extended another 2 weeks after discovering Jax’s jealous side with another dog in the house. Nevertheless, they decided to proceed with the adoption and over the past couple years, Jax and Bella have not become best friends as hoped but comfortable roommates.

6 and 5 years

Adopted by Kate and Mark, January 2016 and 2017

Maine Sheltie Rescue