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        We adopted Harriet on the 21st of January, 2018. She was our 55th foster dog and while I would like to say that I “just knew” that she was the right dog for my family it's just not true. In reality, each member of my family had their own moment of thinking we had made a mistake. Mine came while I was walking up and down my street at night in the sleet begging her to pee outside. For my family, it was more that it was the perfect timing rather than the perfect dog. As she adapted to our lifestyle (and we adapted to hers) she began to fit in quite well.

        Harriet came from Mississippi with two of her sisters and while both of her sisters were rather outgoing she was a 4-month-old ball of anxiety. She was scared of other dogs (a big problem because we are a very active dog foster family) as well as many people, loud noises, and being alone. We have learned to solve these issues or at least manage them mostly through training and building confidence.

        I am now, along with the rest of my family, convinced, like many dog owners, that I have the best dog in the world.

1 year 

Adopted by Elyana Smith and family, January 2018

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland