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7 years 

Adopted by Beth Ames, May 2014

Indianapolis Humane Society


        Harper had a bit of a rough start being found in an alley at just 6 months old. It was not an easy task for the person who found her to take her in. Harper can not live in a home with other dogs or children which definitely cut down on her options. Harper had already lived with two different families by the time Beth Ames met her in May of 2014.

        Beth had not planned to adopt a dog but as many people know, it is very hard to go to an animal shelter to “just look”. Just one look at Harper with two tennis balls in her mouth and more at her feet, Beth decided to meet her out in the yard. Harper was very shy about being touched but would diligently drop a tennis ball at Beth’s feet as many times as she would throw it.

        Harper still struggles with interacting with most other dogs but has become more confident over the past few years. Harper has moved with Beth three times over the past five years and has surprised Beth with her ability to adapt each time. Getting a dog from a shelter was never really a question for Beth as she had grown up with a wonderful shelter dog and has always wanted a mutt. “Harper is strong and healthy, and the opportunity to give a dog that had been cast aside so many times a third (or maybe fourth) chance was well worth the challenges we’ve had with her behavior. The love you get from a rescue dog is on a totally different plane, and in that respect, it was a completely selfish choice!”