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9, 8, and 3 years 

Adopted by Mitch and Geri Goldman, April 2009, February 2011, October 2016

Multiple Maine rescues


        Mitch and Geri Goldman have three dogs all between 8 and 14 pounds. Cooper was adopted into the family first after one of Mitch and Geri’s previous dogs passed away. In April of 2009, the Goldman’s found a group of dogs that were being transported from the south up to Maine. Out of the nearly 30 dogs arriving they decided on Cooper and after a phone consultation with the rescue they were good to go. Cooper had minor health concerns when he got to Maine, one being kennel cough which was managed very quickly, and the other being that he came with a few too many teeth. When at the vet with Cooper, Mitch asked about the possibility of some of Cooper’s extra teeth coming out with some serious games of tug of war. The vet said that tug of war would not help, but sure enough within a few months, Cooper lost his extra teeth.

        Mitch and Geri adopted Jesse in February of 2011 after being rescued in Arkansas where he was found with his litter mates in a cardboard box on the side of the road. About 4 or 5 days after his adoption, Mitch and Geri discovered the many socialization issues that Jesse came with. They spent a couple of months attending small dog socialization classes with Jesse and for 2 years he was walked separately from the other dogs. Jesse is still rather sensitive to strangers and other dogs but he has improved a lot.

        By 2016 Cooper and Jesse were comfortable with each other so while Mitch and Geri were eager to add a third dog to their pack they took their time. In October of 2016 they found China after another dog they were looking at did not work out. Mitch and Geri were drawn to China because of her amazing resemblance to Cooper despite them being 6 years apart. She was brought to Maine from Louisiana and has shown herself to be the sweetest and happiest dog that they have ever had. Cooper, Jesse, and China have now been together for a couple of years and they have learned how to get along (most of the time).


"Rescue dogs seem to know how lucky they are and are super appreciative of being adopted....the love we get back from our dogs is worth the expense and energy."