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5 years 

Adopted by Carla and Joe McDonnell, November 2013

Helping Paws Maine


        Carla and Joe McDonnell moved to Maine just after Carla retired in 2013. After buying their house, Carla thought that she would love to have a dog to fill her time. Carla regularly checked in at the local shelters but found Cider on the Helping Paws Maine website.            Cider was found on the side of the road in Mississippi when she was just a month old. Cider suffered from severe mange and the vet did not expect her to survive. Against all odds, Cider survived and was adopted a few months later.

        Carla found Cider in November of 2013 and was excited about the idea of bringing her home, but Joe was less sure that it would be a good decision. Within a few days he came around and they started the adoption process.

        Once Cider was adopted her journey was not yet over. Cider developed a hormonal disorder called hypoadrenocorticism or more commonly known, Addison’s disease. She gets two steroid pills a day to correct her hormone levels. Carla and Joe learned how to treat her and Cider is now very happy and healthy.         Carla “had no intention of buying a dog from a breeder or shop, since there were just so many dogs waiting to be adopted. Maine, in particular, seemed to have all kinds of agencies connected to shelters and rescuers in the South.” and she is very happy that she ended up with Cider.