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4 years 

Adopted by Mary McCann, 2015

Rescue from Thailand


        Mary McCann has always had at least one dog since she was 22. Of the many dogs that she has had, not once has she actively looked for a dog to adopt and Boon is no exception. Mary met Boon through a friend of a friend after he had been on a cross continent journey.

        After finishing the weekly yoga class that Mary teaches, they all were having coffee when Mary noticed two dog crates with international travel information printed on it. She found out that someone who was staying with them had just got back from Thailand and while she was there she had rescued two street dogs and brought them back to the United States.

        The two dogs did not yet have homes, so Mary decided right then that she would adopt one of them. She decided on Boon whose name comes from a Thai nickname meaning “good fortune”. Boon settled into his new home in Portland Maine and has become quite fond of his canine brother (dog name here).