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10 years 

Adopted by Alison Troxell and family, April 2010

Cullman County Animal Shelter


        Beckham was found in Alabama at 6 months old, malnourished and very weak. The shelter that brought him in to did not think that he had a fighting chance at survival and Beckham was immediately put in the gas chamber. He spent over 6 hours in the gas chamber as they needed to fill it with other dogs before turning it on. Gassing animals by carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide is inhumane and banned in many states. Unfortunately, when Beckham was in Alabama, gassing animals in shelters was legal.

        When a rescue organization was dropping off food for the shelter they heard about the 6-month-old puppy who had been put in the gas chamber without being treated. They demanded that he be released. He was taken out of the gas chamber and was put in a foster home for 8 weeks where he was nursed back to health.

        Around the same time, friends of Alison Troxell had contacted the shelter to see if their dog, who they had recently adopted, had any siblings available for adoption. The shelter informed them that there were no siblings but that they had a wonderful dog in a foster home. Alison contacted the foster home and they shared that Beckham was mild-mannered, housebroken, friendly with cats and kids, and showed no signs of aggression or anxiety. “It was this information that I needed to take the leap of faith to adopt a dog sight unseen from far away.” Beckham was brought up to Maine in a transport with many other dogs and the moment Allison met him she was sure that it was the right decision, “It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”


        5 months after his adoption, the rescue organization contacted Alison sharing their efforts to shut down the 3 existing gas chambers used in Alabama and because of his survival story “Beckham’s Bill” was put forth. As of January 31st of 2012, all gas chambers used to euthanize animals in Alabama have been dismantled and Beckham was apart of ending this inhumane practice.