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2 years 

Adopted by CaraRose and family, September 2017

Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland


        CaraRose and her family welcomed Annabelle into their home in September of 2017 after quite the adventure. I first met Annabelle as our 40th foster dog and I can confidently say that she is the most memorable. She came to us in June of 2017 rather unexpectedly. As we were dropping off our previous foster we were persuaded to meet Annabelle (I did not take much persuading) who had just come up from the south without anybody knowing that she was pregnant. We said yes and brought her home before asking the rest of the family and were preparing to welcome 5 wonderful little puppies in the next month.

        About a week after she came to stay with us one of our old neighbors, CaraRose, came back for a visit and while in the neighborhood decided to give Annabelle a visit. CaraRose wanted to meet Annabelle as she had been hoping to adopt a puppy for a while but the second she met Annabelle she fell in love. “She had the most incredibly sweet disposition and the softest velvety fur I had ever felt!”

        We ended up meeting Annabelle's pups only 2 weeks later and there were not 5 but 10. We had been unable to notice before that she was so incredibly underweight. She did a wonderful job keeping all of her puppies very healthy and we tried our best to do the same for her. After about 8 weeks the puppies were weaned and Annabelle was ready to go to her new home.

        CaraRose first started fostering her because she had gone into heat and she could not be officially adopted until she had been spayed. She was originally scheduled to be spayed sometime in September but with many complications, it didn’t actually happen until over a month and a half later. CaraRose and her family were relieved when they were finally able to adopt Annabelle in December of 2017.

        Before adopting Annabelle CaraRose and her family had already adopted a shelter dog about the same age as Annabelle and since the two of them met they have been inseparable. “They are two peas in a pod and do absolutely everything together. Some of their favorite pastimes include barking relentlessly at wild turkeys, playing tug and walks in our woods.” Annabelle is now a happy and much healthier dog who is loved by everyone she meets.