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About 3 years ago I started becoming very involved with my local animal shelter through fostering dogs. I have since fostered over 65 and have become increasingly more interested in the importance of pet adoption. My local shelter, the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, has taught me so much and I now have so much more to share. 


I have become particularly interested in the street dog dilemma in many places all over the world. This summer I plan to travel to Mexico by myself to volunteer with an organization to help rescue street dogs. To learn more about this part of my project or support it directly you can visit my gofundme.


Natalie Malone-Berry

Having taken photos from a young age, working on this project was a new and interesting opportunity for me. Especially being one of the owners of Sydney, a dog included. 


I generally take photos of people so taking many photos of dogs has proven to be a little bit of a challenge as you often can not tell a dog to sit and look nice for a photo. 


To learn more about me and my photos please visit my photography website!