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3 years 

Adopted by Allison Muise, July 2018

BeFreegle Foundation


        Abby was adopted by Allison Muise in July of 2018 after quite the journey. Abby spent the first part of her life living in a laboratory. Beagles are often used in laboratories because of their docile temperament, size, and other physical characteristics; basically, everything that makes them good companions.

        Abby was rescued by the BeFreegle Foundation and was posted on Petfinder in hopes of finding the perfect home in New York. Allison found Abby and was immediately drawn to her, but living in Maine, she moved on and kept looking. After about a week of looking online and visiting shelters with her other dog, Lulu, Allison could not stop thinking about the smiley beagle she had seen. Allison filled out an application hoping that her big fenced in yard in Portland Maine would be enough. Within a few days, she heard back from the shelter and after multiple phone calls and facetime meetings, Allison got the green light to bring Abby home.

        Soon before Alison was scheduled to adopt Abby she was having second thoughts and was looking for a sign that it was the right decision. She found that Abby’s adoption date was the same date that she had adopted her other dog 11 years before.

        Allison brought Abby home and it was not the easiest transition as everything was new to Abby. Potty training has been a bit of a struggle because of the time that Abby spent in the lab but she has been a good learner. The 3-year-old energy that Abby has can be a bit much for her 13-year-old canine sibling Lulu at times but they play together very well, “She also loves to tease Lulu, she runs into her and then runs away like Fred Flintstone on the wood floors.” Abby has settled into her new (and improved) lifestyle learning new things about the world every day.