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What I'm Doing

Hello! thank you for your interest in this project!


I have been collecting local dog adoption stories to spread the importance of pet adoption and to share all of the great things that can come from it. You can find my posters all over Portland that lead here. On May 10th at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland all are welcome to come and see the photos and stories in person, supporting the shelter and further supporting this project. 



48% are adopted

20% are euthanized

18% are returned to owners

For the Next Few Months I am Collecting Adoption Stories

supporting the fact that shelter dogs may be more work at times but are worth the effort


"She was our 55th foster dog and we just couldn't give her back." 


Made her big debut in the 2018 puppy bowl when she was 4 months old.


When owner, Oliver, picked him up from his dental appointment...     he had no teeth left!


All rescue dogs have behavioral problems... 

False. It is true that some shelter dogs do have some behavioral difficulties but it is important to first recognize that it is not their fault and that a lot can be resolved by training. Also even when getting a dog from a breeder you are not going to get a perfect dog.

There are no purebred dogs in shelters... 

False. In fact, 25% of shelter dogs are purebred. There are a number of breed-specific shelters across the country that are very reputable.

Adoption fees are too expensive... 

False. While this is rather subjective, shelters put a lot into their dogs. Not all shelters can be spoken for but all dogs adopted out of the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland are vaccinated, medically treated, spayed or neutered, and their adoption fee rarely covers the cost of their care. 

Shelter dogs are all old... 

False. You can find dogs of all ages in shelters. If you are set on raising a puppy you can find one in need of a home at your local shelter and let's not discount older dogs! Older dogs can be a great addition to your family for a variety of reasons. Age is not a determining factor in a dogs ability to show affection and bond with their owner.



If you are unable to bring a pet home there are still many ways to help! Volunteering can be a great way to help shelters more hands-on and there are a variety of ways to volunteer. From helping at the shelter to taking a pet home to foster until it is ready to find it's adopted home.


Donations can make such a difference in shelters. Donating is a way to help at any age and does not necessarily require going out to buy pet supplies. Things like old blankets and sheets can prove to be some of the best donations. 


Simply spreading the word on the importance of adoption can make a big difference. Sharing your pets adoption story can inspire others to make the same decision.